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Dare To Be Champion

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If you want to be champion, you have to dare. Dare to defy the odds. Dare to conquer your Goliath. Dare to fly above the rest.
“Dare To Be Champion” is Champion’s latest brand campaign that builds on the current momentum behind the brand.  As consumers rediscover what Champion has always stood for, we leveraged online video across Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to reach a young and diverse audience with passions of their own. We also tap the three champions’ own social channels for an authentic rethinking of
influencer-driven campaigns.



Creative Director: Alex Shulhafer, Piper Hickman
Copywriter: Jay Zschunke
Art Director: Emanuel Vinkler
Senior Producer: Lucy Scott
Assistant Producer Jose Diaz
Directors: Henry Busby, Marcus Tortorici
Editorial: Final Cut
Editor: Spencer Campbell
Photographer: Sam Nixon